Register and start charging

Charging with your adhoc tariff

Even if you don't own a charging card, you can use Turmstrom charging stations immediately with Direct NET. You need to do a one time registration only and the Turmstrom charging network is available to you.*

Starting Fee: € 0.5 per charging session
Output tariff
up to 11 kW
€ 0.04 per minute
up to 22 kW
€ 0.08 per minute
greater than 22 kW
€ 0.29 per minute
Roaming by SMATRICS

* All details regarding power relate to the maximum output of the charge point regardless of the consumption of the vehicle. The starting fee is charged once for each charging process, regardless of the charging time and regardless of the maximum available charging capacity of the charging point used. All prices in EURO and incl. 20% VAT.

* Valid for private individuals.

* Attention: Herewith we would like to inform you that in case of conclusion of the contract at this point in time, your charging sessions will be charged at the old (mentioned above) conditions until 2021-01-04. On 2021-01-04 there will be an automatic conversion of your tariff. Thus, from 2021-01-04 on, your charging sessions will be charged according to the new conditions already stipulated in the contract.